With the construction of a second nuclear power plant unit in Krško (JEK2 project), we can make the transition to a low-carbon society a reality.

JEK2 is the pillar of Vision 3 + 1, in which we ensure a stable, cost-competitive and low-carbon grid for the reliable supply of electricity to Slovenia and the broader region through a combination of three low-carbon energy sources (nuclear, hydro and solar).

In July 2021, the Ministry of Infrastructure issued the GEN Group an electricity generation licence for the JEK2 project. This important milestone marks the start of administrative procedures, while public consultations regarding the project can begin. The process of spatial planning will begin based on the proposal to adopt the national spatial plan (NSP). In all phases of the project to date, the GEN Group has ensured transparency and the inclusion of the general public in project activities.
The decision to implement the JEK2 project is expected following the receipt of bids from potential suppliers when the value and financial construction of the project are revealed.



JEK2 is a much-needed, feasible and economically sound project. It is the right response to the current challenges of the energy future of Slovenia and the EU.

It ensures affordable electricity prices for households and the economy
It increases the competitiveness of Slovenia's economy
It is acceptable in climate, environmental and spatial terms and has positive impact on biodiversity and habitats
It strengthens the reliability of customer supply
JEK2 project is the right sollution to current challenges in energy future terms