GEN Group

Presenting GEN Group

We are one of the largest and the most investment-intensive business groups in Slovenia.

Our comprehensive supply of electricity includes:

  • Production from low-carbon sources: nuclear and hydro power,
  • Trading and sales on the domestic and over 20 retail and wholesale markets throughout Europe,
  • Capital flow that is directed into development and investments, primarily the continuous careful maintenance of existing and the responsible design and construction of new low-carbon production capacities for the supply of electricity to Slovenia.

Gen Group in Numbers


Average yearly electricity production at our power plants


share of total electricity production in Slovenia


European markets where the Group is engaged in trading and sales activities


of electricity produced comes from low-carbon nuclear and hydro power

Our sites and markets

The presence of the Group’s companies on electricity markets and exchanges

  • European Power Exchange
  • Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Electricity